5th Grade GT 11.20.19

Tinker Time 2.0

One of the many best things about 5th grade is when they come into class and solve a problem that you could not solve! I struggled to remove a circuit board that a student desperately wanted to share with his class. Enter 5th grade and some different tools to complete the task using teamwork! We also explored the circuitry of calculators and old cell phones. This led to learning about the anatomy of circuit boards and solar panels. Who knew there were so many switches involved in a speaker? Many pieces were put together to create other items. We are now in search of broken items to explore. We are interested in anything small…such as irons, curling irons, walkie talkies, and so on.

Talent Galore….

The talent and passion that emerges in one class is mind blowing! It is so rewarding to watch the many gifts that students bring and share in class. Challenging these minds involves addressing so many interests. It is truly a blessing to learn with these great students! šŸ˜„ Check in led to a student suggested discussion about family traditions and plans for the upcoming break. Class ended with a competitive and hilarious Kahoot created by John about our GT students.

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